incredibles  girl


Directed and Written by: Brad Bird

Genre: Action/Adventure/Animation/Family/Fantasy

Rated PG

Neilsflix Rating 4.5/5

115 minutes


Craig T Nelson as Bob/Mr Incredible

Holly Hunter as Helen/Elastigirl

Samuel L. Jackson as Lucius/Frozone

Jason Lee as Buddy/Syndrome

Pixar Studios “The Incredibles” is by far my favourite Animated movie.  This superhero spoof follows Mr. Incredible, who fights crime and save lives.  However  after saving the life of someone who does not want to be saved Mr. Incredible soon faces lawsuits and is forced to retire.  Under the government’s Superhero Relocation Program, Mr. Incredible moves to the suburbs, joined by his wife Elastigirl and their three children, Violet, Dash and Jack Jack.  Mr. Incredible / Bob works as an Insurance Broker who hardly fits into his office.  Those who have seen this wonderful animated gem know that Mr. Incredible is far from retired and with the help of Frozone fight crime on bowling nights.  This movie is so much fun and makes any adult feel like a kid again!  The Incredibles travel to a mysterious island and work as a team to defeat Syndrome.  You will be entertained during the entire film, it’s filled with non-stop action and the dialogue  between Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl is surprisingly  delightful & full of witt.  If somehow you missed this movie, What are you waiting for?  My only complaint, No Sequel!


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  1. Kids movies are my jam. If you liked The Incredibles, I’d highly suggest watching Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. It’s one of my favourite movies of all time… and it’s on Netflix!

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    • nasfu9112 says:

      I enjoy Animated movies very much! Ya I guess technically “kid” movies! I loved Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs. I actually saw it the movie theatre. When you have a niece one of the benefits is getting to watch “kid” movies.

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