Your life story will make a great Movie (straight to DVD)

The Casting director wants your input on what Famous Hollywood Star should play the role of you!

What Actor will you choose and why?

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  1. nasfu9112 says:

    The only Actor that could capture the true essence of Neil S. would be Leonardo Dicaprio. Everything he touches turns to gold! I smell “Oscar”

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  2. Uhm, Rachel McAdams? She’s my favourite actress so it’s only fitting.

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  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hmm… I want to say Sandra Bullock. A young Sandra Bullock. Or actually, any Sandra Bullock. My grandpa loves her and once said to me, “One day, you’re going to be just like Sandra Bullock” it was random and probably a sign of senility, but still. I gotta do what grandpa says.

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  4. autoblot says:

    Wait… Why is the story of my life going straight to DVD? 😛

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