Directed by: David Leitch & Chad Staheiski

Screenplay: Derek Kolstad


Keanu Reeves as John Wick

William Dafoe as Marcus

Michael Nvqvist as Viggo

Adrianne Palicki as Ms. Perkins

Ian McShane as Winston

Genre: Action/Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes: 86%

101 Minutes

“John Wick” is an ex-hitman whom comes out of retirement to track down the Russian gangsters that took everything from him.

I will be honest, I knew very little about this Movie!  But Ladies & Gentlemen Keanu Reeves is BACK!  I have been waiting patiently since the Matrix for Keanu to star in a movie worthy of my time and & my $12.25 I highly recommend this (TNA) Total Non Stop Action  VIOLENT movie. John Wick is haunted by the death of his wife to a horrible illness. But then a cute little puppy is delivered to his home accompanied by a card from his late wife.  His wife bought him the puppy to help him grieve.  It amazing how much a cute little puppy can cheer you up even under the worst circumstances.  However theres no doubt John Wick is a man with a very troubled soul and we know nothing about his past.  Soon after a group of Russian thugs want John’s awesome 1969 Ford Mustang and end up at his house and beat him to within an inch of his life too steal the car! I don’t like giving away spoilers but slowly in this movie you will truly discover who John Wick really is and believe me when I say you will enjoy this movie very much.  The acting is well done and I enjoy the comedic relief!  Do yourself a favour this week….Go see this movie.

Neilsflix Rating: A Must See 5/5


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  1. marilutapia says:

    I went to watch it last week, I am not really into action movies, although I found it very entertaining. Still don’t understand why he didn’t defend himself and let those guys to kill the dog.

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