Leonardo DiCaprio as Cobb

Ken Watanabe as Saito

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur

Tom Hardy as Eames

Michael Cain as Miles

Ellen Page as Ariadne

Written & Directed by: Christopher Nolan

Action / Science Fiction / Thriller

148 minutes

Neilsflix Rating:  9/10 (Only because I’m still confused)

“Inception”  It is my understanding that Christopher Nolan took 10 years writing his screenplay for Inception!  I completely understand this because the movie is just brilliant on so many levels.  I’m not even sure on where to begin.

Leo (Cobb) is a thief who steals corporate secrets through the use of dream-sharing technology.  Leo and his team is given the impossible task of planting an idea into the mind of a dying CEO.

Did I lose you?

I must get this Question off my chest!  Was the entire thing a dream?

What was this movie even about? I will admit I didn’t fully understand it and that’s okay b/c 4 years later I can still blog about it.

All I understand is…”A Dream, within A Dream within A Dream within A Dream”…wait Is that right?

It’s #5 because:

1) The cast is unfreakin believable, Please see above!  Leo steals my heart again!!!

2) The story!  Dreams & Reality. Reality within dreams Dreams without reality.

3) The Cinematography is breath-taking  Not sure what I’m referring to?  Watch/Re-watch the Hallway scene!

4) Christopher Nolan!  “The Dark Knight” “Memento” are you kidding me!

5) The Roller Coaster Effect:  Christopher Nolan takes you on for the ride of your life!

My one complaint, but it’s a small one!  I dislike Ellen Page – Sorry Ellen The rest of the “Inception Cast” was above your pay grade.

So let me ask again!  Was it all a dream?  How do you explain “Inception?”


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  1. william brandons says:

    oh man, thought the trailer said ‘Inception 2’ trailer at first, got excited – says ‘Inception Trailer 2’. Loved inception

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  2. nathan says:

    Leo stole my heart as well!

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  3. autoblot says:

    I liked that you could follow the plot even though it was so complicated. You had to pay attention, but it could have been too confusing if he hadn’t been careful.

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  4. I’m not usually one for endings that leave you hanging, but I loved this one. It’s a mystery that will never be solved… did the spinning top at the end waver or no? Does it even matter if it did? It seemed like a pretty good “reality” regardless. What do you think of it?

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    • nasfu9112 says:

      That damn spining wheel! Did Cobb (Leo) finally get to go home? Was it a dream? Inception was brilliant! You bring up a great point though! Does it even matter? But can you imagine being stuck in a dream? (Well some dreams I wouldn’t mind to much)


  5. correen13 says:

    This movie is incredible! I love when movies make you think and keep you guessing the whole time and that is what this movie did. I’m glad to see it on your list!

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    • nasfu9112 says:

      Nothing I enjoy more than when A movie ends and my friends and I stand in the parking lot and talk about it. What other movies would you like to see on my list? Also get ready for the next few posts.


  6. Glad I am not the only one who has left this movie feeling like I missed the point…LOL a dream in a dream in a dream is a perfect summary.

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