His father taught him to hate. His friends taught him rage. His enemies gave him hope.


Derek Vinyard:  I’m lucky.  I feel lucky because it’s wrong, Danny.  It’s wrong and it was eating me up, it was going to kill me, and I kept asking myself all the time, how did I buy into this shit?  It was because I was pissed off, and nothing I ever did took that feeling away.  I killed two guys, Danny.  I killed them and it didn’t make me feel any different.  It just got me more lost and I’m tired of being pissed off, Danny.  I’m just tired of it



Edward Norton as Derek Vinyard

Edward Furlong as Danny Vinyard

Beverly D’Angelo as Doris Vinyard

Stacy Keach as Cameron

Directed by: David McKenna



Neilsflix Rating 9.9/10

A former neo-nazi skinhead (Norton) tries to prevent his younger brother (Furlong) from going down the same wrong path that he did.



How horrifying was it listening to some of Edward Norton’s rants in this movie….that you actually begin to understand his point of view on things? That’s a very important aspect of this film. The hatred coming from his mouth!

But this story is mainly about redemption. The redemption of Derrick Vinyard. Only after he loses everything can he begin to see the horrible path that he has set in motion for his younger brother.  However with the unlikely friendship with a black prison inmate and the guidance of his former principle are what helps him return to his humanity. The simple yet distanced solution to all the hatred and anger that he’s felt most of his life comes like an epiphany: “It’s just not worth it.”

“American History X” is a really great film, with a powerful anti-racism message!  It is also showed me how brilliant Ed Norton is as an actor.

This is not a happy story, often times disturbing and the ending is tragic yet depressingly real. Hatred became a vicious circle.

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